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Easter Island, the great taboo

ENG_CoverEaster Island
The great taboo

Author : Nicolas Cauwe
Volume : 160 pages – softcover
Format : 19,5 x 24 cm
Illustrations : 100 color plates
ISBN : English 978-2-930358-55-0
Price : 25 euros


Is it time to rethink the history of Easter Island as we know it?

The findings unearthed in the last twelve years by a team of archaeologists from the Royal Museums of Art and History (Brussels) require us to reappraise the way we view the history
of the island.

Nicolas Cauwe, director of the digs, shares the conclusions of his work with us. Previously unreleased findings dismiss some of the most commonly held myths, as well as transform previous hypotheses. Deforestation of the island did not provoke civil wars, any more than it did a cultural collapse or the destruction of the statues. Rather, we witness a formidable religious and political change. It consists of an entire population rethinking its ways in order to adapt to new times.

The time has come to rebuild the island’s past, and the author, Nicolas Cauwe, takes us along with him on this exciting adventure.

Nicolas Cauwe is currently the Curator of the Oceania Antiquities at the Royal Museums of Art and History (Brussels) and Director of Belgian excavations on Easter Island. In 1999, he followed in the footsteps of famous explorers accompanied by a team of archaeologists, in order to learn more about the imposing Easter Island sculpture brought to Belgium by the 1934 Métraux-Lavachery expedition. What was only meant to be a simple series of excavations quickly turned into a painstaking investigation which today, after ten years of hard work, turns many previously held ideas upside down.


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