Chile, country of wines and mountains

Country of wines and mountains


Author : Papianille Mura
Photography : Matt Wilson
Volume : 160 pages – hardcover
Format : 24,7 x 29,2 cm
Illustrations : 150 full color pictures
ISBN : English 978-2-930358-48-2
Price : 29,99 euros




The book in your hands offers you a journey through the heart of Chile.

Its main theme? The discovery of Chile’s wine valleys and their vintage wines. What is the history of the Chilean wines, from the end of the sixteenth century when the conquistadors and missionaries brought the first wine stocks in their caravels? There would have been no empire without God, no mass without wine. Since then, and in particular the last twenty years, wine has become a familiar feature in restaurants the world over. Which are the regions that have sheltered these wine stocks? Who are the men and women that have cultivated them?

The itinerary proposed, between the Atacama and Patagonia region, between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, takes us from the Elqui to the Bio-Bio Valley, from a cellar nestled in a colonial mansion to an ultramodern winery.

Throughout the journey, the author invites you to stroll along, get to know the huasos, those country people, rest and relax on one of the many Plaza de Armas, take part in a rodeo, danse the cueca, to watch the sun set in Valparaíso Bay or perhaps spend the night in a casa patronal, a colonial house with adobe walls.

At the end there is a useful summary of about 40 vineyards : web site address, location, history, wine stocks and tourist attractions.

Papianille Mura worked for six years as an economics consultant for the European Commission in Chile, where she acquired extensive knowledge of the wine sector. A seasoned traveller, she fell in love with the country, which she has covered from north to south and from east to west. Returning to France, she now teaches the geopolitics of Latin American countries.

Matt Wilson, a British photographer, has been living in Chile since 2004.  ese days he is known, among other things, for his wine related work.


Chili, pays de vins et de montagnes

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