Text and illustrations from Loïc Gaume

It’s icy cold outside. Luckily, a beanie fell on the snow. What a great shelter! A mouse sneaks in, followed by a frog, an owl, a rabbit, a fox, a boar and then a bear… “No more space !” says the animals as the hat fills up. The arrival of a tiny ant causes both the explosion of the hat…

Text and illustrations from Marine Schneider

Belette, a seven-year-old girl, lives alone by the forest. One day, she discovers a gigantic rabbit, lying in the middle of the village nearby. Where does he come from? No one knows. Adults try to get rid of this annoying rabbit, while Belette makes him his friend. A beautiful tale about the fear of the unknown and the different ways…

Versant Sud Jeunesse

Versant Sud Jeunesse is the little brother of Éditions Versant Sud, an independent Brussels publishing house. Its aim is to give children something lovely to look at. Something of quality, both on a graphical and a narrative level. The “Les Pétoches!” (The Heebie-Jeebies!) Collection gives youngsters stories which will enable them to tame their fears… while other publications are focused on art.

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