Text and illustrations from Marine Schneider

Hiro is a bear who is too curious to sleep all winter. She leaves her cave to take a look around. From between the trees, lanterns and children wearing pointed hats appear. It’s a party! When they see her, the children flee. All of them, except Émile. They get to know one another. What if being a bear or being…

Text and illustrations from Noémie Favart

Tibor can’t understand why his room is always in a mess. “Who let the clutterbug in?” exclaims his dad. A “clutter-bug”? That explains why – that’s who’s messing everything up! Tibor has a plan. Once night has fallen, he goes looking for the creature to confront it in an epic battle. A book for laughing at something that is a…

Versant Sud Jeunesse

Versant Sud Jeunesse is the little brother of Éditions Versant Sud, an independent Brussels publishing house. Its aim is to give children something lovely to look at. Something of quality, both on a graphical and a narrative level. The “Les Pétoches!” (The Heebie-Jeebies!) Collection gives youngsters stories which will enable them to tame their fears… while other publications are focused on art.

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