Written and illustrated by Almudena Pano

On a rainy day, a little girl decides to play football indoors at home, even though she’s not allowed to. The ball knocks a vase over… which breaks into a thousand pieces. The girl knows that this vase was her mum’s favourite. Will she be angry? When her mother discovers what has happened, she suggests that they glue the pieces…

Written by Maylis Daufresne
Illustrated by Teresa Arroyo Corcobado

A young tree pushes its way out of the ground, as yet knowing nothing of the world. A swallow lands in its branches and starts to tell the tree about its journeys, which amaze the tree. The seasons pass and the tree grows.  L’arbre et l’oiseau (The Tree and the Bird) is the story of an encounter between a plant…

Versant Sud Jeunesse

Versant Sud Jeunesse is the little brother of Éditions Versant Sud, an independent Brussels publishing house. Its aim is to give children something lovely to look at. Something of quality, both on a graphical and a narrative level. The “Les Pétoches!” (The Heebie-Jeebies!) Collection gives youngsters stories which will enable them to tame their fears… while other publications are focused on art.

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