Osvaldo’s suitcase

Text from Emma Anticoli Borza
Illustrations from Alessandra Vitelli

His whole life, Osvaldo collected dreams, shut away in a suitcase. One day, he decides to go on a journey to fulfil these dreams.

But, all along his path, two yellow eyes spy on him. They are those of a terrible monster, tall like a tree, black and shiny like tar.

A monster that could eat up his dreams.

Collection : Les pétoches
Âge : From 5 years
ISBN : 978-2-930358-80-2
Prix : 14.90 €
Format : 22 x 28 cm
Pages : 40

Emma Anticoli Borza

Emma Anticoli Borza, graduated in Law from the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, started out in the field of human resources. Her passion for art led her to study drawing and painting at the Rome University of Fine Arts and illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata. She then perfected her technique of acrylic painting on wood together with the illustrator Simone Rea.

For several years now, she has been following a creative writing course given by the writer Manuela Salvi. She has participated at numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad. She is a writer and illustrator of children’s books and works with the fashion house DEMANUMEA creating art on leather. She lives and works in Rome.

Alessandra Vitelli

Alessandra Vitelli was born in Naples, where she now lives and works. She attended the Scuola Italiana di Comix where she specialized in children’s illustration. Today, she works as a freelance illustrator and collaborates with various Italian and international publishing houses, such as ELI Publishing, Tourbillon, Rue du Monde and Grupo Editorial Norma.

She has won numerous prizes and much recognition at various national and international competitions. She teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts and Scuola Italiana di Comix, in Naples.