Tibor and the mess monster

Text and illustrations from Noémie Favart

Tibor can’t understand why his room is always in a mess. “Who let the clutterbug in?” exclaims his dad. A “clutter-bug”? That explains why – that’s who’s messing everything up!

Tibor has a plan. Once night has fallen, he goes looking for the creature to confront it in an epic battle.

A book for laughing at something that is a bone of contention in 99% of families.

Rights sold to Korea

Collection : Les pétoches
Âge : From 4 years
ISBN : 978-2-930358-96-3
Prix : 15.90 €
Format : 22 x 28 cm
Pages : 40

Noémie Favart

Noémie Favart is an illustrator from Brussels. She studied at the art schools of Saint-Luc and La Cambre. She likes to create colourful, expressive and patterned images.
She has always adored books. Two sayings accompany her every day: “There’s nothing like a bit of mess to clean up” or “The more the merrier”. A great fan of procrastination and running, perhaps one day she will write a story about being late. She is the illustrator of The terrible adventure of Valentine and her 118 lices, Tibor and the mess monster, Saint Nicholas VS Father Christmas and Marcel & Odilon.