Your name will be Rabbit

Text and illustrations from Marine Schneider

Belette, a seven-year-old girl, lives alone by the forest. One day, she discovers a gigantic rabbit, lying in the middle of the village nearby. Where does he come from? No one knows. Adults try to get rid of this annoying rabbit, while Belette makes him his friend.

A beautiful tale about the fear of the unknown and the different ways of apprehending a strange event.

Selected for the awards Les Pépites de Montreuil 2020, Prix Sorcières 2021, Prix Libbylit 2021 and Prix Gribouillis 2021

Collection : Off series
Âge : From 4 years
ISBN : 978-2-930938-24-0
Prix : 14 €
Format : 16.5 x 22 cm
Pages : 48

Marine Schneider

Marine Schneider is a young belgian illustrator. She has drawn since she could hold a pencil. The young Belgian illustrator received her degree from LUCA School of Art in Ghent.

Inspired by her travels, she tells stories with words and images, juggling with the colors of the many techniques she uses. Her graphic universe, already very constructed, rich and delicate, is a real delight.